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"If it weren't for the professional guidance I received from Portfolio, I would have ended up using the same architect and interior decorator that many of my friends hired. I loved the team I eventually used, and never would have found them on my own!"
Friedman, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We hired an interior designer who was a close friend. It was a disaster! I felt that she took advantage of our inexperience and didn't provide the architectural or aesthetic advice we desperately needed. I was over-charged and under-managed. Thank goodness Portfolio was able to intervene, and replace them with a truly professional group who listened and offered excellent advice!   Now, we finally have the home of our dreams!
Perkins, Los Angeles, CA

"We were merging several apartment units together and wanted to create a unique space to complement our art collection.  Portfolio was instrumental in directing us to an outstanding design team."
Farley, Chicago, IL

"Frankly, we were apprehensive about hiring an interior design firm, as we'd heard lots of horror stories. After consulting with Portfolio we understood the process and how to protect ourselves with the contract.  The designer we hired was a delight, and has become a good friend!"
Anonymous, Greenwich, CT

"When we moved here from Los Angeles we didn't know what to do.  We were thinking we'd have to hire someone from "back home" but were fortunate to read about Portfolio's services.  They introduced us to so many great firms that we had a hard time choosing!"
Davis, New York, N.Y.   

"We were looking for an Architect with real talent for our property on Lake Michigan.  People kept suggesting Design/Build firms, but their houses all looked the same.  Linda Coleman showed us a design spectrum that was outstanding.  Our house is gorgeous -- we were so happy with the results that we allowed it to be published."
Faber, Sawyer, MI  

"I don't know what we would have done without Linda's advice and direction.  We loved our architect and designer so much that we've continued to use them over the years.  When our daughter got married, she even hired the same designer!"
Cosgrove, Hunting Valley, OH

"Everyone I know in Lake Forest has homes with a similar look. I wanted something that was more a reflection of my tastes, and not just another cookie-cutter, traditional environment. Linda Coleman offered so many extraordinary choices, it was hard to make the final selection!"
Johns, Lake Forest, IL